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Can we dare to dream?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The recent announcement about the UK's pathway out of lockdown gives us an idea as to how and when events, retail and hospitality will re-open in the Spring and early summer. For a business like ours, which is so reliant on these sectors, this is obviously welcome news. Last summer, when the country briefly emerged from the constraints of full lockdown, there were glimmers of hope. Our characters were booked to "re-animate" high streets in places like Darlington, Aylesbury Market and Watford and all over the UK there was a real appetite to bring life and fun back to the shopping streets of the nation. We had spent a lot of time ensuring our acts were Covid secure and fully complied with social distancing requirements and to be honest we were nervous about how the public would react. We shouldn't have worried, people seemed to be genuinely delighted to be entertained and there was a real appetite for fun social interaction. It was fantastic to be part of a programme that brought a buzz back to the high street and it made us realise how much we love our jobs!

As a company we are keeping everything crossed that the pathway out of lockdown gives our clients the confidence to plan events and activities for the coming months but so far all the signs are positive. So if you want to discuss how we can bring life and laughter to your event / high street/ shopping centre give us a call and we will do what we always do; be flexible, reliable and above all make people laugh.

The daffodils are starting to bloom, the birds are singing. Can we finally dare to dream?

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