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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

This time last year, we were frantically building an intricate festive backdrop for our Elf Zoom Parties, as it became apparent that our usual Christmas street theatre work was going to massively impacted by the ever-changing rules around tiers (remember them?) It was a strange and scary time in all our lives for many reasons but from a business point of view, the zoom parties did provide us with some much needed income at the end of a very difficult year. The process of creating the props for the zoom parties also provided a welcome distraction and a creative outlet. Although we were apprehensive, the parties were actually really good fun and a brilliant opportunity to be nosy about people's houses!

Things are looking a little more like normal this year and we can't wait to get out and do some carol singing on the streets dressed as the Christmas crackers, or pushing our musical elf Christmas tree cart around a shopping centre playing Wham Last Christmas! Re-connecting with our audiences (and fellow street theatre performers) over the past few months as restrictions have eased, has made us realise how much we love what we do and how lucky we are to be doing a job that never feels like work (apart from the bits where we are stuck on the M6). Thank you for continuing to support us through these challenging times and we look forward to bringing some Christmas cheer to a high street / shopping centre / festival near you.

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