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Meet Heidi and Henrietta, two Herdwick sheep who have ventured down from the Lakeland fells to graze and proudly show off their quintuplet lambs nestled in a beautiful old-fashioned pram. They aim to bring the serenity and beauty of the Cumbrian hills to towns, events and agricultural shows (who knows, they may even win a rosette). Soothing music and surprising sound effects will emanate from the pram and delight audiences. It is a little-known fact that Herdwick sheep are really good at dancing, so why not join in?  Our Herdwicks can bring a flavour of the Lake District to all corners of the UK and the world.

OPTION: Heidi the sheep on a day out with Lakeland Farmer Pat.  It has all the charm of the original Flock but with added human interaction.

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