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We dared to dream...

Several years ago Garry started to dream up a new walkabout; something new, creative and striking that would push our performances in a new direction. But for many years it remained just that; a dream. The level of prop-making required for such a project exceeded Garry's skills which, he would freely admit, have always featured an over-reliance on MDF, lycra and gaffa tape. The dream was this... a walkabout featuring a flock of sheep and lambs; a sheep family, roaming the streets of the UK. We are based in Cumbria, so it seemed only fitting that the sheep in question should be the iconic Herdwick sheep that roam the beautiful Lakeland Fells.

Well thanks to a grant from the Culture Recovery Fund, that dream is finally going to become a reality and we get to work in collaboration with brilliant prop-makers and performers The Flying Buttresses who really are at the top of their game. Watch this space for the story on how the Flock develops.

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